Kritik & Saran

Ketut Raka

Dear Nyoman, Suwirta, Dear King of Bali, (how i may speak to You, well, excuse me, if i do it wrong- its not a bad intention. There are only language barriers) Its about 2 years , when You have managed to give one citizen of Your Country the possibility to feel, to see and to love those things she has never seen on her island. Its Ketut Raka, this woman, born without arms or legs. She is a sunshine. Her smile is the most amazing, i´ve ever seen in my live. This woman is so extraordinarily pretty, that i indeed forget this disability. She is to fall in love, the most beautiful person, i´ve ever seen in my live. Her smile is... Oh my God! Now i have seen a report about her at Youtube., And now i´m absolutely impressed about those things she can do. According to my view, this woman isn´t disabled!!! She only does things otherways than those average people. But in this report i saw her also wheeping. That hurt me! I want to avoid, that she will do it again! To make a long storys short: I deeply fell in love with this amazing woman... OK, there is Google... Google is a boobie... And now You are the only person, which perhaps i may ask, where exactly i could find her. Suana seems to be a village, isn´t drawn on every maps. Maybe, there is a possibility, to contact her on a direct way... Would be more than glad about this. Perhaps, that would be a dream for me, i can see, that she also finds me good. That she lives in a Paradise, that is ( as long as there isn´t a earthquake) well known. But perhaps i also could show her my home. (Saarland also is amazing---The travel costs would be my thing!!!) Once upon a time i swore, never to marry again. This woman indeed has the skill to teach me something better! Ketut Raka really seem to be a dream! About me: Coming from Germany, master dental technician, i have a comfortable live. Divorced since almost 20 years. Father of a grown up son, living at me . Own house without stairs. Since a few days i begun to learn Indonesian. That is, because i want to communicate with Ketut -- Raka, if You are really willing to help me/us, to have a contact. BTW; whats the first Name, and whats the Familys name? Ketut or Raka? Even an availibla mail adress would be fine! Please please please help me! i really would give everything, to see that woman happier than ever! With all the best wishes from Europe. Michael Bommel Kapellenstraße 27 A 66399 Mandelbachtal-Ormesheim Deutschland Tel.: 0049 6893 802 999